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Jenny spoon rest in white

Best investment ever! I always left kitchen utensils on the counter and wanted a spoon rest that was neutral colored and fit my kitchen aesthetic. This is the best item and my favorite in the kitchen. It goes well with everything and so beautifully made!

Etsy customer

Kylene oil bottle with dimple

This is a staple in my kitchen. It is so well made and great on the kitchen counter. The dimple is so helpful and fits great in my hand when cooking. I cannot wait to add more of these beautifully made items to my home.

Etsy customer

Textured dish brush holder

This was EXACTLY what I have been looking for! It is so functional and stylish. Absolutely love it!


Ribbed dish brush holder

Absolutely ADORE this piece! It’s beautiful and functional and shipped so quickly. Definitely will purchase from this shop again!


Textured planter

Love this little planter! I think it's great that Kari recycles her clay and also creates these small batch and individual pieces. They feel really special. <3


One of a kind for everyday use

Remake Ceramics believes that the items you bring into your home should have lasting quality, a special meaning, and serve a purpose. Items that have a personal and unique touch that can be cherished as a part of your everyday life.